Unfortunately, everyone gets sick or injured at some point in their life. Health insurance protects you and your family against the financial hardships that may result from health care expenses. If you do not receive health insurance coverage from your employer or you do not receive full benefits, we can fit a policy to the needs of you and your family.

Please contact us for a complete explanation of the program that fits your family’s needs.

Individual Major Medical

Individual Major Medical coverage is issued directly to an individual. It is for those who are unable to get coverage through an employer or group. Coverage includes hospitalizations, physician visits, and medical services and supplies. Prescription drugs may also be covered.

Your goal when purchasing Individual Major Medical coverage should be to insure you and your family against the most serious and financially disastrous losses that can result from an illness or accident. You may have to undergo a physical exam and provide a medical history before you receive coverage.

Insurance Costs

The cost of your insurance will be affected by several factors, including: the health of those seeking to be insured, the age and sex of adult applicants, the geographic location of the applicant’s residence, the desired deductible and coinsurance levels, and the availability of managed care options such as incentives for the use of PPO providers. Every year the premium on individual policies increases due to age.