We do not share information about you with any company, firm or individual except for the explicit purpose of securing a quote for certain insurance products that you have requested.  You may receive a copy of any and all information that we may use in providing you with the policies that are being shopped for on your behalf.

Personal information that we may collect about you includes your name, address, age, social security number and employment information.

We limit the collection and use of personal information to the extent required to issue and service your policy or claim.  We will not share or sell personal information for any purpose other than for the underwriting or administration of your policy unless the disclosure has been authorized by you or is required by law.  Your personal information may be disclosed to other entities that provide policies or business services to us related to our transactions with you, such as insurance companies or third party administrators, if any.

We will protect all of your personal information and we will restrict access to your personal information by only allowing disclosures to persons who must use it to provide insurance products and services to you.